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Have The Power To Level Loads, Increase Revenue, and Lower costs!

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What You Will Learn in This Co-Op Masterclass

You’ll discover how other Co-ops are leasing geothermal loops to customers and leveling loads, increasing revenue, and lowering costs.

Discover How To Unlock The Potential For Geothermal Ground Loops For Your Members

Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Geothermal ground loops contribute to significantly less energy needed to heat and cool a home. Less energy use = less need for fossil fuels.

Reduce Summer Peak Load

Summers are tough on the grid. Co-ops that offer ground loop leasing to customers have a more manageable grid to care for.

Provide New Member Services

It's not often that co-op's can find a new service to provide members. Geothermal loops are an exciting and beneficial solution for everyone.

Electrify Your Members Future

The future is a sustainable, electrified grid. Geothermal ground loops are an integral part of any co-op's portfolio of services and products.

Improve Annual Revenue

Leasing ground loops is an excellent way to improve your annual revenue projections.
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Live Q&A

We will answer any and all questions you have about geothermal ground loops as it related to co-ops.

See How Utilities Just Like Yours Are Leasing Geothermal Ground Loops To Homeowners!

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