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Awesome Podcast Background

With prices fluctuating between $1.50 to $4.50 a gallon, heating with oil or propane can destroy your budget. Heating with the Power of the Earth is clean, quiet, consistent, convenient, and cost-effective – all while helping the environment.

Aside from being eco-friendly – Geothermal also keeps money in your pocket. You live healthy and comfortably – while saving the Earth and money at the same time.

Hugh Casler is Fowler Brothers Inc’s Project Manager who currently resides in far upstate New York (near Lake Ontario). He has built several homes and does his own electrical contracting, engineering, and design work. Fowler Brothers is one of the largest apple growers in the U.S.

Hugh first installed geothermal in his home last fall because of propane’s expense and price fluctuations. .Geothermal also has a green footprint. Now, Hugh has consistent comfort and costs with geothermal supplying his radiant heating.

Listen as Hugh describes how a geothermal installation changed both his life and the planet’s.

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Topics Covered:

01:29 –  Hugh describes the day he first installed geothermal and the reasons he chose it for his home.

04:43 – Hugh describes why he chose geothermal heaters, how he chose Mike as the installer, and how he likes the Climate Master system.

06:53 – Identifying the obstacles he encountered and the incentives he received for going geothermal

08:49 – You should choose a service provider who can help you with your geothermal system who has a good track record.

10:48 – The biggest thing people should do: Understand the heat loss in your home.

11:44 – Hugh talks about his future plans about his clean energy journey


SuperNova #1. People need to understand the heat loss in their home. That’s number one. You really got to know your home. They also really need to research. It’s good for the consumer to make sure that the company you’re buying from has been in business a while; they’re not just some fly by night – but somebody that’s going to be there.

SuperNova #2. Talking about incentives and savings. As much as people want it, there’s a big difference between $5,000 and $25,000. The cash and tax credit incentives make it all possible.

SuperNova #3. Everybody should do good research. I’ve been very happy with Climate Master  standing behind it. To the consumer, that’s very important. It’s not just the cost. It’s somebody standing behind it.


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