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We need to put a sunset on fossil fuel use in our homes.

– Bill Nowak

Are you aware that an average person in the United States emits 16 tons of climate-disrupting carbon dioxide every year?

Even the way natural gas has been advertised for decades doesn’t actually reflect the truth at this point in time!

Statistics say that heating oil and gasoline are about 1 ½ times as problematic as natural gas. BUT – natural gas emits methane, which is much more dangerous on a 20-year time frame than it is on a 100-year time frame – about 86 times as bad of a climate gas than carbon dioxide is! Natural gas is about twice as problematic as we thought it was – and it is worse for the climate than heating oil.

Every time a new building that uses fossil fuels is built, we’re actually locking ourselves into a continuously worsening climate change for about 20-30 years more. Just like what the scientists have predicted, the frequency of various weather catastrophes and the damage we face alongside these events are now getting bigger and more intense.

Do you know that 2020 holds the record for being the largest year of $1 billion weather catastrophe damage, and the last hurricane Ida this year caused $50 billion of damages?

Today is when we either do something about climate change or suffer the devastating consequences. Geothermal has a really huge role to play in reducing climate impacts.. Geothermal is the most efficient way of heating and cooling, and we need to start this transition now!

Check out this week’s AWESome EarthKind Energy podcast where we interview Bill Nowak, the Executive Director of New York – Geothermal Energy Organization (NY-GEO).

Bill Nowak is a former NY Senate staffer, Labor organizer for CWA, and has been the ED of NY-GEO since its inception in 2014.

NY-GEO represents stakeholders in the geothermal heat pump industry, and Bill does this work for everybody who comes after him.  He and his friends are seeing the horrors that await us with climate change – the suffering of humankind – and this made him involve himself as he takes part in trying to lessen the suffering humanity is facing nowadays.

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Do you want to increase your climate impact by a factor of 1,000?

Then pick up your phone today and call your United States Congressional Representative and both your US Senators and ask them to support the federal “Build Back Better” bill.

“Build Back Better” will create the largest climate protection action in American history.

Because so few people take the time and make the effort – our elected representatives interpret the opinion of everyone who calls or writes as representing the views of 1,000 other citizens.

During the week of Sept. 27th, Congress will vote on the “Build Back Better” bill that aims to get the country to 80% pollution-free electricity by 2030 and cut climate pollution 100% by 2050.

The “Build Back Better” bill provides tax incentives for solar, wind, energy-efficiency, electric cars, charging stations, and more; and it will finally cut subsidies for fossil fuels. It will also drive major investments into communities that have been disproportionately hit by environmental injustice.

After you make the calls, spread the word via social media by posting images of a large red exclamation point using the hashtags #CodeRedClimate and #CodeRedCongress.

You’ll be joining some of your favorite musicians and celebrities include the Dave Matthews Band, Dead & Company, Billie Eilish, Melissa Etheridge, Finneas, Maroon 5, Brittany Howard, Jon Batiste, Alec Benjamin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda, Mark Ruffalo, Damian and Stephen Marley, GROUPLOVE, Huey Lewis and The News, and many others.

When the “Build Back Better” bill passes, the United States can enter the global climate negotiations on Nov. 1st with America setting out to cut climate pollution 100% by 2050 – and encourage other major nations to do the same. 

If not you – then who?  Act now and help create a better future for our children – and all 7+ Billion EarthKind people.

SuperNova #1.  At this point, heating our homes is tied – it’s co-equal – with transportation. People think electricity generation is the be all and end all of climate change and we have to get away from fossil fuels there. It’s absolutely true that we need to do that, but the main greenhouse gases in New York State are from heating our buildings and driving. We have to take care of both of those.

SuperNova #2. There’s no limit at this point what geothermal can do.

SuperNova #3. Folks have to stop thinking of natural gas as what it’s been advertised for decades. It is not “the cleanest source of fuel and a great bridge fuel to renewables”. It is neither at this point.  

Aha! Moment: “ For me, it’s when I woke up to what climate change is all about. I listened to what they were saying in the late ‘80s and I understood it. Realize that we are facing enormous suffering if we don’t act now. It’s going to take some sacrifices to avoid suffering; those sacrifices have to do with making change, and change is difficult for people. We really need to join together as a human race to solve this problem”

Bill Nowak

Best Advice They Ever Received: “ Do unto others as you would do unto yourself”

Bill Nowak

Personal Habit that Contributes to Success: “ I think I was raised to work hard and to take other people’s concerns seriously, and it works.”

Bill Nowak

Internet Resource: NY-GEO

Reading Recommendation: Green Energy Times

Magic Wand: “ It would be a fossil fuel sunset starting in New York State and spreading worldwide. We need to stop burning fossil fuels.” 

Bill Nowak

Most Energized About Today: ” I think the other people that are waking up and getting active. The word is getting out there. NY-GEO participates in an incredible grassroots organization called Renewable Heat Now. It’s just awesome to see largely young people in this organization with sophisticated analysis and great skills they built up, working to make this all happen.”

Bill Nowak

Nest Steps: I’m rolling out home improvement to the US, so I’m totally excited about it. We’ve come out with a really strong program, a great technology that could literally process a loan in less than two minutes.

Bill Nowak

Parting Advice:  “Ron, you have been a stalwart for decades. You and I go back a long time, and you have done great work for decades. Thank you for doing this series and thank you for the work that you’ve done.”

Bill Nowak


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