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DIY Geothermal Cooling Installation

What is DIY Geothermal and can I do this myself?

Using a looped pipe, geothermal systems can mobilize the temperature of the earth to circulate both heating and cooling into any home.

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NYSERDA Geothermal

ClimateMaster’s contribution to geothermal heating and cooling may seem like a new technology to some, but the truth is, geothermal and other green energies are quickly becoming mainstream.

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Standing The Test Of Time

As a company, ClimateMaster has always given highest priority to our system’s quality. But there’s little that validates our commitment to providing consumers with the best product possible more than getting a sincere “thank you” from a satisfied customer.

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What Is The 2021 Geothermal Tax Credit?

Since geothermal systems are the most efficient heating and cooling units available, the United States federal government has enacted a 26% federal geothermal tax credit with no upper limit.

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How to Choose a Geothermal Installer for your Home

Choosing a contractor to install your entire system is an integral part of the process. Most contractors and builders aren’t familiar with geothermal installation. A geothermal heat pump is not a product to be installed by just any HVAC guy.

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Why ClimateMaster

See all the benefits ClimateMaster has to offer with our geothermal systems.
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Energy Rebates

ClimateMaster is an approved Participating Contractor in NYSERDA.