Tranquility Fluid Cooler

Bring An Under-Performing
Ground Loop Back To Life!

Or operate a ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump in your home while waiting for ground loop installation.

Tranquility Fluid Cooler

Geothermal HVAC is the most energy-efficient heating and cooling system for most homes.

On rare occasions, the ground surrounding a geothermal loop loses its thermal capacity, and your heat pump system can lose efficiency.

The Tranquility Fluid Cooler is the ultimate geothermal companion for unique scenarios.

Hot Loop Recovery

Restore Your Geothermal Efficiency to Peak Performance

Geothermal HVAC is by far the most energy efficient system for most residential homes. In some rare and unforseen circumstances, the soil surrounding your geothermal loop can no longer adequately dissipate enough heat for the most energy savings.

In the past, homeowners only had limited and expensive options if their ground loop suffered from thermal efficiency loss. Not any longer! Installed between the geothermal loop and heat pump, the Tranquility Fluid Cooler removes the excess heat your ground loop couldn’t. Restoring your efficiency, comfort, and cost-savings.

Temporary Loop

You’re Ready for Geothermal, But Installation Time-frames Are Not

Geothermal is becoming increasingly popular in many states for its incredible efficiency, comfort, and cost savings. But, perhaps your existing traditional split HVAC system finally broke down, and you need a solution now. Or, you are moving into a new home, and a geothermal drilling company can’t meet the construction schedule. There are many reasons you might need your geothermal heat pump up and running much faster than can be installed.

The Tranquility Fluid cooler is the perfect interim solution for getting your geothermal heat pump up and running quickly before your entire geothermal loop is drilled, dug, installed, and running.

See Why People Are Choosing The Tranquility Fluid Cooler

Multiple Capacities

Two units span the entire residential range of sizes

Small Footprints

The Tranquility Fluid Cooler unit fits on a standard air conditioner pad

Rugged Construction

Engineered to last and for ease of installation and service

Energy Efficient

Highest quality and efficiency fan and optional variable flow circulating pump

Quiet Operation

Precisely balance variable speed fan modulates to maintain the cooling load

All Weather Design

Aluminum hail guard standard and optional eCoat and UV coil coating


ETL Safety Certified to UL Standards provide piece of mind


Proven to improve the operating efficiency of underperforming systems

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